Making Your Case to the C-Suite: Why HR Should Be at the Table

Monday 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Session Description

Succession planning is a necessary and fundamental planning process to ensure the viability of the business as it pertains to the talent resources required for client delivery excellence and to fuel growth. Succession plans also outline coverage of key roles in the event of an emergency vacancy, ensuring business continuance/contingency plans are in place to minimize interruption and risk.


Sheryl Simmons

Chief Human Resource Officer is Sheryl’s title at Maestro Health, but what does that mean? She is a leader, develops and executes HR strategies, supports the business plan and adds to the strategic direction of the company. As if that wasn’t enough, she is the lead for Human Resources and Talent Management in not one, but five Maestro Health locations. She brings her insights from her 20+ years of experience as she adds value to the experience of 350 employees. To add to that, she’s also the current Government Affairs Advocate Lead for the national SHRM chapter, and her session at the 2016 Health Benefits Conference and Expo was one of the highest-rated at the conference, with 96% of attendees rating the session as “Excellent.”